Google Nexus S Activation Problem with Best Buy

For those opting to purchase the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread packing Google Nexus S smartphone from Best Buy apparently there is some problem with activating the device on T-Mobile at Best Buy stores.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores and by way of the Boy Genius Report, new line activation for T-Mobile at Best Buy stores have been down for roughly a week.

Apparently one BGR reader let them know that “After repeated calls to store representatives, one admitted that they are not able to activate his Nexus S with a contract, and that he’d have to pay full retail for the device.”

No doubt this situation won’t continue if it costs Best Buy customers so if you are looking to pick up a Google Nexus S from best Buy it may pay to hold off for a while, but thus far no official word from Best Buy on this matter.

One has to also wonder if Best Buy can’t activate the Nexus S on T-Mobile does the issue also affect other T-mobile smartphones offered by Best Buy? So if any of our readers have tried to pick up the Nexus S or other T-Mobile device from best Buy and have found this activation problem feel free to shout out in our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Google Nexus S Activation Problem with Best Buy”

  1. I just got back from driving to the nearest Best Buy now that they finally have some of the phones in stock, and found out that they don't activate it on T-Mobile and I would have to pay the full price if I got it from them. It would have been nice to know ahead of time. I thought maybe it was just that particular location, but I guess not.

  2. Crispin says:

    I had this issue last Thursday when I went to Best Buy to buy my Nexus S. We tried rebooting the PC and running their little batch cleanup script and still had no luck. He decided to call T-Mobile to do the activation over the phone and everything went through great. If anyone has any person at Best Buy tell them they can't activate it and they need to purchase at retail price I would advise you to make sure they call T-Mobile directly and activate over the phone. That seems to be the only way anyone can get the new contract pricing at $200 for the Nexus S right now.

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