Toshiba Challenges Apple iPad with Android Honeycomb Tablet

It appears that the tech wars are no longer in the smartphone space but have moved to the tablet space as everyone and their aunt tries to unseat the Apple iPad as the king of tablets, and the latest challenge to the iOS device comes from Toshiba.

According to an article over on SMH, by way of Reuters, the Toshiba Tablet (yes that’s apparently its name) is a tad larger than the Apple iPad at 10.1 inches diagonally and will run the new tablet only Android Honeycomb operating system.

The word is Toshiba is set to unveil the Toshiba Tablet at CES 2011 in Las Vegas later this week and the Toshiba device will not be the only tablet making an appearance as there are several Android tablets rumoured to be being showing off at the event.

With the release of the Toshiba Tablet it will apparently be the first time Toshiba will release such a product on US soil and they expect to roll out the Android Honeycomb device by the end of June, and although there’s no word on any pricing Toshiba believes it will be competitive with the Apple iPad.

The Toshiba Tablet will be able to show 1080p videos, and play Flash videos like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and something the Apple iPad cannot do. The device will apparently be the first in a family of tablets released by Toshiba and will have a glossy black face and rubber back.

Other specs on the Toshiba Tablet will include HDMI port, NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor, a 5megapxel rear camera, a 2 megapixel front facing camera, GPS, UB port, SD memory card slot, mini-USB port, Bluetooth and support for the Android Market and Toshiba’s online market, Toshiba BookPlace, and Toshiba Places.

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