Samsung Galaxy S Sales Hit Huge Milestone

Even thought it is said the Apple iPhone is the best device since sliced bread, Android isn’t doing too badly and especially the Android toting Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, which has apparently hit a large sales milestone.

According to an article over on CNN by way of Wired, Samsung has now announced that they have sold in excess of 10 million Android Galaxy S handset globally since its release back in late June 2010.

And although not up there with the likes of the iPhone 4 which shifted 14.1 million units in Q3 of 2010 10 million is quite a feat. However when looking at Research In Motion and their BlackBerry that sold 12.1 million in Q3 down some 2.8 percent on the quarter before it gives RIM something to worry about.

As for operating system market share, it’s cut up into the top 3 contenders Apple, Android and BlackBerry with iOS still keeping the top slot while Android closes and BlackBerry struggles as we earlier reported (here)

Android sales have been steadily increasing over the past couple of years with the Motorola Droid taking 74 days to hit the 1 million sold mark while Samsung and the Galaxy S took 45 days to hit the 1 million milestone mark.

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