Amazon App Store Opens for Android Developers

Obviously Amazon doesn’t believe that the Android Market is enough for offering applications for Android devices and as you may be aware Amazon is working on an Android app store of their own to run alongside the Android market offerings.

Well according to an article over on Tech Crunch by Jason Kincaid, Amazon has now opened their Android App Store for developers to submit their applications for approval so all is ready and waiting once Amazon goes live with the Amazon Appstore later in the year.

For interested developers you can sing in to the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal by hitting up http://developer.amazon.com by entering your email address and password or registering for a new account.

Apparently with the new Amazon Appstore, Amazon is taking a similar approach to approving applications as Apple does with their App Store, with Amazon saying app approval usually takes about a week and has more stringent guidelines.

If you want your Android app to appear on the Amazon Appstore it must be working properly, must be safe, and must do what the developer says it does. Amazon also says they will be liberal with what enters the store but illegal and porn applications are not allowed.

The biggest difference with the Amazon Appstore though it with the pricing of apps, Apple’s App Store and the Android Market allow developers to set their own price for apps but with Amazon they will have complete control over what is charged for your app.

One must remember though that the Amazon Appstore isn’t a replacement for the Android Market and at launch will only be for the US but no doubt will go international at some stage.

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