Vodafone Class Action Lawsuit Pulls In 9000 Customers

Legal company Piper Alderman is apparently gearing up for a class action lawsuit against mobile telco VHA due to issues with their Vodafone network and at this stage of the game Piper Alderman is collecting registrations of interest in bringing the class action lawsuit.

According to an article over on Delimiter by Renai LeMay, there has been interest from the public in the issues with VHA which have been spurred by such online forums as Vodafail.com, and apparently VHA has apologised for the issues and is now committed to upgrading their Vodafone network and solving the issues.

However Piper Alderman wants to continue with the class action lawsuit and posted a statement to their website which says “To date, approximately 9,000 Vodafone customers have registered their interest. In the next five to ten business days, we will be sending group members a request for further information relating to their specific circumstances. Upon receipt of this information, we will process it and take the matter forward.”

Furthermore, it appears that Piper Alderman is also contemplating going after the VHA “Three” brand, stating…“Due to the number of enquiries we have received from 3 customers, we will investigate potential claims against 3. When we ask you for further information, we will ask you to identify yourself as either a 3 customer or a Vodafone customer.”

Piper Alderman have said though that in order to go ahead with the class action they would need to apply for what the legal profession refers to as “litigation funding” that could be used to fund taking the case to court an dif successful the case should take roughly 12 to 24 months to come to completion.

Apparently VHA is aware of the potential class action lawsuit and a spokesperson said…“The most important thing we can do is to remain focused on improving our customers’ experience of our network, and keep working with our customers, individually, to understand their experience, resolve it and make it up to them. There’s no higher priority than making sure customers are happy with their service and I am very sorry that some have not been happy recently. We are also in contact with the ACCC and other consumer groups to advise them of what we are doing to improve network performance and service to our customers, and are keeping our customers across changes through our website.”


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  1. joe mclellan says:

    vodaphone users beware they should have named themselves as vodafail,sick and tired of my calls dropping out during conversations or not even dialing through,no wonder my credit used up so quickly,hanging up during calls sometimes having to call same number 4 or 5 times and charged 1.28 for each and every call made,vodaphone company needs to pull there heads in and fix this bullshit .unhappy vodafail customer ,

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