RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Web Formats and SDK Demo Videos

The Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab aren’t the only two tablets in the tablet arena as there is of course the BlackBerry PlayBook from Research In Motion although not available just yet. But today we have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure on the device.

The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook videos come our way courtesy of Simon Sage over at Intomobile and by way of Inside BlackBerry, the first of which takes a three minute look at the web video formats on the BlackBerry PlayBook native browser along with what the Facebook experience is like.

The second of the two BlackBerry PlayBook videos delivers an almost five minute walkthrough of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook SDK for those of you who are more technically minded and enjoy such footage.

No doubt more will surface on the BlackBerry PlayBook later in the week when CES 2011 kicks off but to get your fill of PlayBook goodness for now head on down, mash those play buttons and enjoy.

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