HP Palm WebOS Event on Feb 9th

As we all know HP owns Palm and thus their webOS operating system and it appears HP has something big up their sleeve with webOS that the company wants to shout about and thus is holding a webOS event on the 9th of February.

According to Stefan Constantinescu of Intomobile and by way of Tech Crunch, HP has been sending out invites to the special event which takes place in San Francisco on the 9th of February at the Fort Mason Center at 10.00am.

This HP event invite says “Think big, Think small, Think beyond,” which doesn’t actually give much away as to just what HP and Palm is going to be announcing, all we know is that it will be an “exciting webOS announcement,” as per invite states.

We aren’t too sure why HP decided against making the webOS announcement at CES 2011 or why they opted to deliver a dedicated special event after which may or may not be a wise move, perhaps HP is looking to get all attention on webOS once CES is over.

So what do our readers think; any ideas as to what HP will be announcing with webOS at this special event? Feel free to post your suggestions to our comments area below.

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