Android WritePad App Launched by PhatWare

WritePad has had some success on the iOS platform and now PhatWare has announced the launch of WritePad for Android which apparently improves text input in the users own handwriting by finger or stylus and aims to replace the on-screen keyboard.

WritePad for Android is for Android smartphone and Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and feature fourth generation handwriting recognition tech which apparently supports any handwriting style including print, mixed and cursive.

What WritePad for Android does is analyse pen strokes within the WritePad area and converts the pen strokes into text and then shoots off the recognised text to the target app, and WritePad adapts and learns the writing style of the user.

WritePad for Android features integration with any text input app such as word processing, notes, email and SMS, a built-in keyboard with auto-complete and the ability to switch from handwriting to keyboard at the touch of a button, built-in calculator for writing simple equations, customisable auto-correct function, and numeric input for entering phone numbers an such.

For those Android users who are interested in purchasing WritePad for Android devices is available via the Android Market and commands a price tag of $9.99.

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