Nokia E6-00 Still a Mystery but Photo Leaked

Well it does seem that the new Nokia E6-00 is going to remain quite a mystery device for the time being as it appears Nokia is doing a good job on keeping most info under wraps, but a photo purportedly taken by the Nokia E6-00 has hit the net.

The image above comes our way courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog, and Jay says more sample photos can be located on Imran Khan’s Picasa page; however on checking there is nothing to be seen so presumably Khan has taken down said images.

The article says it was a large gallery of low light photos but the exciting thing is that they confirm the Nokia E6-00 is being used in public, although still under tight wraps it seems; however you can view another photo purportedly snapped by the Nokia E6-00 over on Test-mobile.

Some specs of the Nokia E6-00 hit the net yesterday which can be viewed by hitting up (here) but as for photos supposedly taken by the device it appears that they too are becoming a mystery. One has to wonder if Nokia contacted the user and told him to take them down.

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