Apple iPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Battle Video

The latest gadget out of the Research In Motion stable isn’t a smartphone but rather a tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook and obviously the device needs to be compared against another tablet and of course that other tablet is going to be the Apple iPad.

And that’s exactly what we have for your viewing pleasure today, a comparison video between the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Apple iPad which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Crackberry.

The BlackBerry Playbook video is actually a hands-on with the device but Kevin after drooling over the BlackBerry PlayBook and feeling like he’s losing his virginity all over again does get round to comparing the BlackBerry PlayBook with Apple’s much hyped iOS iPad.

Kevin says he really likes the feel of the BlackBerry PlayBook in the hand and the device is nice and light. Anyway I have no wish to spoil your viewing of the BlackBerry Playbook footage so I’ll such up now and let you head on down to mash that play button…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Battle Video”

  1. Eliot says:

    Gadget porn – LOL

    That said, this thing does look pretty awesome. I'm a current Blackberry user AND a Sprint subscriber so this is starting to sound like something I may need to jump on board with since it appears to be tailored to people like me. It looks like it runs just about everything quite smoothly. I can't wait to see how it tethers with a Blackberry phone to use e-mail.

  2. What happen BlackBerry PlayBook tablet http://www.technews5.com/2011/04/blackberry-playb
    BlackBerry PlayBook tablet lose all the right moves
    The PlayBook's design exudes the same sense of finely honed "business chic" that Research in Motion has perfected in its BlackBerry smartphones.But the PlayBook's software suffers from several missteps and oversights, especially in the drought of useful apps — the very things that have made tablets such a hit — and the lackluster performance of Adobe's Flash player.

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