Apple iPhone 5 Parts Captured on Video

For all you iOS device fans out there that are patiently waiting for the next generation iPhone to come out of Apple we have a little treat for your viewing pleasure today, a video purportedly of iPhone 5 parts.

Originally I was going to post an iPhone 5 parts leaked video courtesy of the guys over at Redmond Pie, however on checking the video it appears Apple has muscled in and made the owner of the video take it down due to Apple Inc copyright.

However after a little digging I found another video courtesy of YouTube user Ronzelrigney, which purportedly shows parts of the iPhone 5 or could be the Verizon iPhone being compared with parts of the iPhone 4.

Whether these iPhone parts are the real iPhone 5 parts as claimed by Global Direct Parts I can’t confirm, but they seem to believe they are, and as Apple had the original video removed it would appear that this could be the real deal iPhone 5. So head on down, check out the video and make up your own mind…enjoy.


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