HTC Droid Incredible Bullet Proof Lifesaver: Video

It appears that the HTC Droid Incredible is indeed an incredible smartphone because one guy is lucky enough to still be alive thanks to his HTC Droid Incredible getting in the way of an oncoming bullet which could have killed him.

We have a video of the interview with the man whose HTC Droid Incredible saved his life courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of the Boy Genius Report. The video interview was posted to YouTube by the Associated Press and last one minute.

Apparently John Garber was coming out of Club Halo in Atlanta after where he works as a valet when 2 customers who were previously thrown out of the club were involved in an argument which ended in gunfire. One of the bullets hit Garber in his chest but was halted from doing damage to his person by his HTC Droid Incredible smartphone.

In the video which can be viewed below, John Garber give his own account of what happened and shows the Android toting HTC Droid Incredible battery which stopped the bullet for entering his body, so hit that play button and check it out.

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