iPhone Unlimited Data Plans From Verizon on Horizon?

Of course this all centres around Verizon Wireless actually officially announcing the coming of the most sought after smartphone in recent history, namely the Verizon iPhone which is supposed to happen today, and word is although the Big Red is phasing out unlimited data plans they will keep them for the iPhone.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by Mark Gurman, although Verizon has stated they are to phase out unlimited data plans, over on the Wall Street Journal they are reporting that the Big Red will retain unlimited data plans for the Verizon iPhone.

According to the WSJ article Verizon has also said they’ll have no problems handling the expected loads from carrying the iPhone on their network. And it looks like, if the article is spot on of course, that the rumour Verizon will see the iPhone at the end of Jan may be true as a ‘person familiar with the matter’ has said Verizon will offer unlimited data plans for the iPhone when it starts selling the device “around the end of this month.”

However it isn’t clear how long Verizon will offer unlimited iPhone data plans for, but according to Gurman the move by Verizon is a ‘real incentive’ to those considering leaving AT&T and going for the CDMA iPhone on Verizon as AT&T has already dropped unlimited data plans.

So if this turns out to be true and Verizon does retain unlimited data plans for their iPhone customers does this make you want to grab the Verizon iPhone as soon as it becomes available? WSJ video report for your viewing pleasure can be found below…enjoy.

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