Verizon Event Times, Will CDMA iPhone Be Announced?

Well folks today is the big day, the day many have been waiting for if the rumours turn out to be anywhere near what’s expected. Of course those rumours are that Verizon Wireless is holding a event today and will announce the arrival of the Verizon iPhone as previously reported (here).

And for those that wish to be on the ball for the big event, we have the times when those interested parties around the world can hit the net to find out what’s being announced by the Big Red courtesy of Joshua Topolsky over at Engadget.

So here we go…today the 11th of Jan 2011 at 6AM in Hawaii — 8AM Pacific — 9AM Mountain — 10AM Central — 11AM Eastern — 4PM in London — 5PM in Paris — 7PM in Moscow. On the 12th Jan at 12AM in Perth — 12AM in Shenshen — 1AM in Tokyo — and 3AM in Sydney.

So hit up your favourite tech site to find out what’s going on, and whether Verizon does actually go all official with an announcement of the Verizon iPhone. Of course the rumours could all be wrong and the Big Red is actually going to make more announcements about Android or even their 4G LTE network.

So what are our readers views, will Verizon Wireless announce what everyone has been waiting for, the Verizon iPhone today, or will the CDMA iPhone hopefuls be let down once again?

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