Verizon iPhone 4 3G Mobile Hotspot: AT&T Downfall

The Verizon Apple (AAPL) iPhone 4 is real and confirmed and not only that the new smartphone will work as a 3G mobile hotspot for up to five devices, which is AT&T’s downfall.

The mobile hotspot on the new Verizon offering will work via Verizon’s 3G network at a cost of course, even AT&T does not offer this service to its customers so that is one up for Verizon. According to San Francisco Chronicle AT&T got criticised fro not allowing tethering and that Verizon customers can indeed use all their bandwidth they like by sharing 3G connection with up to five other users.

Engadget go on to say that the CDMA iPhone 4 will act as a mobile WiFi connection for up to five devices and that it will come with a specific iOS version of the Verizon 3G Mobile Hotspot app.

This means that you can use laptops, tablets etc to get online via your new Verizon iPhone 4 smartphone, no cords needs. We will bring you more news on this subject when we hear more. In the meantime please do post all your comments below. Please visit our previous article on how to pre-order your Verizon iPhone.


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