Verizon Press Conference iPhone Announcement: Release Date and Hands-on

The Verizon iPhone press conference announcement has put everyone on the edge of his or her seats and we can understand why, we will give you a few details about this new CDMA device.

First of all we have already mentioned that the new CDMA Verizon Apple iPhone 4 will release on February 10 and prices will start at $199.99, if you would like to know how customers can pre-order we recommend you visiting our earlier news article.

Engadget is there right now at the press conference and they are bringing the world so much information surrounding the new offerings from Verizon, they have had the beauty of handling the new iPhone 4 CDMA version smartphone and we would suggest you check out their hands-on gallery of photos.

Engadget do say that the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 has tweaked CDMA-compatible antennas running around the edge, which we will let you know a little later. The new Verizon iPhone is running 4.2.5 and this is probably something to do with the Verizon iPhone being a mobile hotspot smartphone. Wonder if other non-Verizon iPhone’s will feature this function when they get a new iOS update.


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  1. Greg says:

    does this mean that the antenna problem is fixed? or at least made better? that might be a deciding factor in waiting until the summer for the new model or jumping now b/c im with Verizon and am eligible for an upgrade

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