Philips SHS3200 Stereo Earphones Price Drop

For those of you that like to listen to music whilst on the go with your mobile phone or other mobile device you are obviously going to require some earphones, and we have a set of stereo earphones for your consideration today that wont cost you a packet.

The Philips SHS3200 stereo earphones and an ergonomic set of ultra comfortable earphones that feature dynamic earpiece technology with an over-the-ear design and chrome plated with a minimum frequency response of 20 Hz and a maximum of 20 kHz.

The Philips SHS3200 stereo earphones have a cable length of 47.24 inches and a maximum power input of 15 mW and apparently deliver “excellent sound quality.”

The Philips SHS3200 stereo earphones can be purchased by visiting Buy.com where the price has now seen a price drop from its original price of $10.99 down to $6.99 and also comes with free shipping.


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