Sprint Event Feb 7th, CDMA iPhone Perhaps?

So now that CES 2011 is done and dusted and Verizon has come clear with the Verizon iPhone, it appears that Sprint isn’t going to be left out of the announcement game and is holding an event in NYC on the 7th of February.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Brian Barrett, Sprint is to unveil an “industry first” at their event which will be attended by illusionist David Blaine, perhaps Blaine is going to magic up a Sprint branded CDMA iPhone?

We know Verizon doesn’t have exclusivity over the CDMA iPhone so it is possible Sprint could get one as well, but then they couldn’t really claim it to be an “industry first” could they, but then again T-Mobile claims their HSPA+ network is 4G so who knows.

Could Mr Blaine pull a surprise rabbit out of the hat to shock us all? What do our readers think Sprint has up their sleeve for February 7th? Feel free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Sprint Event Feb 7th, CDMA iPhone Perhaps?”

  1. Ajit says:

    Despite all the soothsaying that's been going on, some of it maligning Sprint, I am inclined to believe that Sprint will pull off "an industry first" by announcing a 4G Iphone to its credit, making "impossible possible!"

  2. Cadi390 says:

    Maybe they've figured a way to make the iPhone work on WiMax? If so, wouldn't that be an industry first? After all "industry first" was the caption for the Evo.

  3. Wat_U-Say says:

    get real…Verizon has a much more powerful user base, so if anybody was going to get the first 4G Iphone it would have been Verizon…guys better start thinking outside the box…because the Iphone is definitely an inside the box device

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