Verizon iPhone Gets Slapped By T-Mobile: Video

Well you have at least got to hand it to T-Mobile for being consistent with their campaigns, we’ve already seen adverts from T-Mobile slapping AT&T over its network and that the iPhone is sluggish on AT&T’s 3G whilst promoting T-Mobile 4G.

And now that Verizon is getting the CDMA iPhone, T-Mobile has come right in and bundled Verizon alongside AT&T in their latest commercial, which we have for your viewing pleasure courtesy of  Vlad Savov over at Engadget.

In the 31 second T-Mobile myTouch 4G advert T-Mobile portrays AT&T and Verizon as twins and the Tmo girl inquires “how do you tell them apart, does one of them have nationwide 4G like me?” To which the iPhone guy responds, “nope I’m pretty much slow on either one.”

It’s all well and good T-Mobile shouting the odds over their 4G network that isn’t officially 4G, but will Verizon hit back once Verizon’s 4G LTE comes into play, or is T-Mobile just having a pop at the fact that they don’t have the iPhone on their network?

Anyway to check out T-Mobile’s latest slap at AT&T and now the Verizon iPhone, head on down and mash that play button…enjoy.


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