The Verizon iPhone Pointless: Should I Wait For iPhone 5?

As you and the whole world knows, the Verizon iPhone is becoming a reality which will see release on the 10th of February and will command a price tag of $200 for the 16GB and $300 for the 32GB version. Which means the iconic iPhone will now be available from two US carriers.

The Verizon iPhone is of course CDMA while AT&T’s iPhone is GSM and the differences between the two according to a Mashable report are basically that GSM/UMTS is broadly used across the globe and thus people with GSM SIM devices can switch carrier fairly easily while CDMA doesn’t use a SIM and is thus a lot more difficult to switch to another carrier.

Which basically means if you opt to purchase the Verizon iPhone you are basically going to have to stay with Verizon, on the other hand as AT&T is the only other option in the US for the iPhone you don’t really have a great choice in the US like we do over here in the UK.

Furthermore does the Verizon CDMA iPhone offer more than the AT&T GSM iPhone? Well not really but it does bring 3G mobile hotspot; however we may see that 3G mobile hotspot come to the GSM iPhones when Apple release iOS 4.3 as reported (here).

There is also what appears to be a new positioning of the iPhone antenna with the Verizon iPhone having the infamous gap of death positioned at the top of the device rather than at the bottom which may avoid all the issues with what become known as the “Death Grip.”

The Verizon iPhone can also tether with up to 5 devices which means Verizon iPhone users can use the device to send data to their Apple iPad , laptop, PC or other device, you can check out these by viewing the Verizon iPhone hands-on video we posted previously by hitting up (here).

However, the Verizon iPhone may only have a short life as Apple should push out the next generation iPhone, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5 later this year. Once the iPhone 5 is released both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 becomes somewhat redundant, especially if the iPhone 5 brings a lot more new features and perhaps the ability to play nice on 4G.

Having said that, no doubt the Verizon iPhone will be a big success and AT&T may well lose a large lump of custom to the rival carrier as many have waited to be able to pick up the Verizon iPhone.

But with the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 it kind of makes the Verizon iPhone pointless, so should people opt to grab the Verizon iPhone now or just wait until the iPhone 5 hits? Fell free to voice your opinions in our comments area below…many thanks.


18 thoughts on “The Verizon iPhone Pointless: Should I Wait For iPhone 5?”

  1. Jessie Rose says:

    Wait? Well Worth the Wait~

    I am a Verizon android (Fascinate) user and I jumped for joy when they made the annoucement for the release date for the iPhone4!!! I was going to run out and buy it on 2.10.10, however, now I am seriously considering holding off and waiting for the iPhone5 release. I just bought my android a few months ago and it is pretty darn good if I must say so… so….. I suuppposse I could wait for the iPhone5 (even though I do not want to)! I mean, after all this time waiting, why not wait a few months longer and get what I really want. For now, I could say that the Fascinate is definitely comparable to the iPhone4 and will certainly do. There are many features of my beloved Apple iPhone, such as the front-facing camera, facetime and retina display, that I love and am eager for but in the end, all in all, it will be worth the wait for the iphone5. Patience is a virture, no?
    Does anyone agree?

    1. Mark says:

      Yes , well stated. I have the same opinion. Can't wate to drop my crackberry for the Iphone 5. I was sayint the same thing today, not to mention the costs associated in buying now and then again later this year. We all have wated this long, june /july not that far away

  2. Meg says:

    I've been on Verizon for ten years and I've been an apple nut for longer. I'm getting launch day because, to me, the difference between no iPhone and an iPhone 4 in one month greatly outweighs the difference between the 4 and the 5 plus the five-month-wait.

    In short, It's not pointless.

    1. I have to agree with the above comment because I too will be getting the iphone on the pre order date of Feb 3rd. I have been a Verizon customer for 7 years, this will be the first time that I am excited about a phone. My girl has a imac and I know this will work well for us to communicate on the go(yes this means two iphones). I hope that I will be able to use the phone to talk and for a hotspot on my computer, this im not sure if we have, but if we do then that will be icing on the cake.

      as Meg said, "in short, it's not pointless"

  3. Mohammed says:

    I will wait for iPhone 5 because I just bought iPhone 4. AT&T doesn't have issues like everyone says.

    By the way I had Verizon before and they offer better service but not the best. Also when I had Verizon, I always ended up calling them when I received my bill because it was always more than what I am supposed to pay them and not less. All they would say that they are sorry and they will give me credit.

    So I decided to switch to AT&T from Verizon and they wanted me to pay a termination fee which I did not why because my contract was expired months ago.

  4. JustWait says:

    What you have here is a 8 month old phone being released on a reliable yet outdated network. Verizon themselves tout how great their new 4g network will be…. yet admit the iPhone4 won’t take advantage of it. Why would you lock yourself into a 2 year agreement on a network that you can’t use voice and data at the same time? Wait 6 months for the iPhone5 and pray it’s 4g. If it’s 4G and 4G is available in your area, go for it!

    * Say no to AT&T’s sloppy seconds.

    * I often use voice a data (maps/gps, web, etc) at the same time. Anyone know what happens if you’re using the fancy ‘wifi hotspot’ feature on the phone and you receive a call?

  5. Greg says:

    I've stuck with verizon waiting patiently for the iphone and I'm torn because lets be serious. Verizon's 4G network is nowhere near completion so the next generation iPhone is not going to have 4G compatibility. So what else are people waiting to get in the next generation? the only things that could really be upgraded are the camera, processor and form factor as well as storage space. im fine with 16 GB although more would be nice. but at far as the camera. that doesnt mean much if i can already shoot video in 720p on the iPhone 4. and the phone is already fast and the form factor doesn't really matter. so i guess it depends on how much you just want to have the newest product just because its new. ill probably end up waiting more for money reasons and to see how the antenna works on the CDMA network b/c its different frequencies to that alone might help it preform better.

    1. The main reason I am considering grabbing the iPhone4 is to make sure my current data plan stays the same. For 29.99 a month I don't have to worry about streaming video, surfing the web, and running my map apps while driving. While the imminent arrival of the next biggest better thing is always a reality, the biggest perk for signing a new contract now is that there is little chance Verizon will increase the prices on its sturdy CDMA network. It is already a near guarantee that 4G will be tiered and more expensive than 3G. Somebody's gotta pay for the new network! I think with the iPhone's incredible wifi capability, I will be more than satisfied to use this as my primary phone for 2 years. I don't think there is much use in waiting any longer for a great phone. I've had my Droid for a year and it is hardly useful! Wifi is crap, and the OS buggy and laggy as all get out. Another question is if iPhone 5 will be exclusive on ATT for the first six months? Then you find yourself waiting a whole year for something and you could be half way through a contract! I am leaning closer and closer to pre-ordering the iPhone on Feb 3. You know that Apple will take care of its users for the next 2 years unlike the current situation is with Android and Google. I look forward to making the switch.

      1. BLoughMee says:

        Uh yeah – except I went over the data quotient by 4 GB last month on my $30 "unlimited" data account -and got hit with a bill for $190. Verizon are lying sacks of sh!t – don't believe anything they tell you.

        1. ejjj says:

          youre lying, obviously you can't go over data usage on an unlimited data plan. If you are using mobile hotspot then there are charges that go along with that so maybe you went over that way. I use my Droid constantly as far as going on the internet and using mass amounts of data and ive never been e charged one time for going over. And as far as the I*hone 4 or 5, no thank yo u. Compared to the android OS, the Apple is lagging behind. Youre freeto do what you want on android. Every little aspect of this OS is amazing, customizable and they include all the little features that just make it nice. And as far as 3G vs 4G, don't make that your deciding factor on waiting or not waiting for the Iphone 5 because Verizon isn't going to make all phones 4G, in fact many of the android phones that come out will still be 3G. Overall I think it's just better to wait for the next Iphone because you know as soon as it comes out you'll be mad you have the 4. And with apple making releases only once a year, you'll be ensured that you will have the best phone offered for a full year, rather than getting the Iphone 4 now and only having the best for 4-6 months.

  6. Nick says:

    I am still unsure, but I think I'm leaning on getting the iphone 4 on Feb. 3. I think that ATT's 4G will not be available everywhere in July, as well as Verizon 4G service. Also, the fact that Apple is more concerned with getting it right instead of being the first makes me doubt that they will have a 4G phone this year. In my opinion they will introduce the white iphone 4 later this year, with maybe a few upgrades. Personally, I don't care for a white iphone. If I get the iphone now my contract will expire sooner than those that wait until July and find out that the iphone5 on 4G has not come.

  7. wren says:

    At first I was thinking no way… why buy old technology when something new "should" be out in a few months? But now that I found out 4G won't even be in my area in 2011 I'm leaning to getting one now. Since I've never owned a smart phone would I really know the difference? I'm a current Verizon customer due for an upgrade anyway. In a couple of years when 4G is hopefully in my area then I could get the latest and greatest.

  8. michelle says:

    I'm going to get it. My husband doesn't use his cell the way that I do and suggested that I get it and then when the new iPhone is released I can get that one then, and give him my original Verizon iPhone. What a great husband!

    1. Joe says:

      Well I wanted one and wanted one and begged and begged. But we couldnt get AT&T. So I got a plain old feature phone. Not a bad phone but I want the iPhone way more. But now there's the early termination fees and all that junk..But I would even pay a little extra for my iPhone i suppose. The only problems with waiting (which I think is the better idea) is that its a LOOOOONGGGG time away. Like half a year. And second is that, maybe verizon will offer a free upgrade like the smartphone deal they have. And lastly, with the new only 32GB and 64Gb features the iPhone 5 will offer, it may be an even higher price. Which stinks because I actually like the 16GB better. Opinions?

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