iOS 4.3 Update Bringing 3G Mobile Hotspot to GSM iPhones

The Verizon iPhone 4 was confirmed yesterday and one of its main features is the 3G Mobile Hotspot that can handle up to five other mobile devices, well GSM iPhones will get some of this love too.

We visited 9to5Mac and its sources include iPhoneClub and iPhoneHellas and they claim that when the new iOS 4.3 update is released it will bring the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature to GSM iPhones, which is great news.

The Verizon iPhone once released will allow you to have your very own Personal Hotspot feature on your smartphone, even AT&T does not have this feature on the iPhone and considering GSM iPhones will gain this feature we would love to know if AT&T will incorporate it.

Having a mobile hotspot to provide you with a wireless Internet connection for up to five devices is awesome; it will come at a cost though.

Mentioning above about AT&T, Business Insider reports that AT&T is “evaluating” the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, do you think they will support this feature? If you have any questions please do feel free to post them below in the comments area provided.

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