Apple iPad 2 Possible US Release Date Revealed

No doubt all the iOS faithful out there are waiting with bated breath for the release of the next generation Apple iPad, the Apple iPad 2 as it has become to be known as, and apparently word is out on when you can expect to pick up the new iOS device.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, German blog MacNotes claims that “reliable sources” have informed them of two possible launch dates in April for the Apple iPad 2.

Those dates are, if true, either Saturday the 2nd of April or Saturday the 9th of April and apparently the Apple iPad 2 will be exclusive to the United States for several months before the iOS device ses any international release.

Furthermore apparently the Apple iPad 2 will only be available for purchase via Apple for the first 3 to 6 months after which Apple partners such as Best By and Walmart will be able to offer the tablet.

So if the report is true US customers will gain the Apple iPad 2 in April while the rest of the world waits between a quarter and a half a year before they can gain the next generation iPad, good for US customers but no so of international ones.


8 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Possible US Release Date Revealed”

  1. Emre says:

    BS. Apple never released anything on a Saturday and never will. Apple never delayed international releases more than a couple of months and never will.

    1. Beach Bum Brent says:

      All the more reason to throw you off guard. Good. I am glad you won't be ready for the release because I will be buying your iPad 2 instead of you. This article with release dates in April is what I have been hearing most, and I have been searching for a release date for some time. April 2011. Then I will have two iPads!!!! Yay for me!

  2. TERENCE TAN says:

    it would be a big big lost for apple, if the ipad 2 won't be release internationally at the same time in the Unites States. As, there are alot of awaiting buyers here in the Philippines. I think apple should re-think its release plans.

    1. Beach Bum Brent says:

      How would it be a big loss? I think you are dead wrong. Perfect strategy. Americans get all the good stuff, that's just the way it is. It will make you want it even more. And then when it is finally released in your crack in the world, you will want it even more. I love being an American. hahahahahahahahaha

  3. LSevilla says:

    I agree with Terence Tan, the only reason I haven't bought an iPad yet is because I've been waiting for 2G (I guess it's just "smarter" that way).

    1. Beach Bum Brent says:

      WHAT? You are waiting for 2G? That doesn't make any sense at all. Do you even know what this article is about? HELLO!!! Wake up! Don't be so dumb. Figure out the topic before you start just writing words together that you think make sense, they don't. 2G will never be, so you will be waiting a very long time. I however, currently have an iPad and love it more than life. And when the iPad 2 comes out, I will have it as well. I get to have everything. Sorry for your luck.

  4. eric taylor says:

    i work oveaseas and that would be messed up if it is not out everywhere and if i was to order one then i would still not be able to us the 3g. wow i was looking forward to comeing out in feb

    1. Beach Bum Brent says:

      Eric, pay attention. The new iPad 2 does not have 3G, so why do you care? Do you know what you are talking about? If you live in America and buy an iPad 2 in a foreign country, well I don't think things are going to be to your liking much at all. I would buy an American version of the iPad 2 (with 4G, duh). Then when you are not working and are in the USA, it will work! What a concept! Unless you are a foreigner, then I urge you to stay out of my country. But you sound like you might be American, so buy one on Apple's American website and have it ordered to someone's house in America, and then have it shipped to you. Or you will end up with a foreign version of it for sure, and it won't work in America.

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