Should I Leave AT&T for Verizon: iPhone Choice

Now that the old wait for Apple to finally bring another carrier for the iPhone aboard over in the US with Verizon, the big question is will people opt to purchase the Verizon iPhone, or more importantly will they leave AT&T for the new CDMA iPhone.

With that in mind, here’s some figures for your consideration courtesy of an article over on PC Mag by Chloe Albanesius, according to data from ChangeWave, some 26% of current iPhone users with an AT&T plan are expected to switch over to the Verizon iPhone.

Apparently the poll run by ChangeWave shortly before the Verizon iPhone announcement involved 4050 people of which 10% sated they would switch from AT&T within 90 days, roughly 16% of all AT&T customers said they will switch to the CDMA iPhone, and of those that already use an AT&T iPhone 26% will dump the AT&T iPhone for the Verizon model; doesn’t sound too good for AT&T does it?

Furthermore according to the figures roughly 41% of all AT&T users will turn to Verizon within the next 3 months while a further 31% will turn to Verizon sometime in the next year.

When it comes to other carriers, according to the poll, 10% of Sprint customers will swing to the Verizon iPhone, while 15% of T-Mobile customers will follow suit and apparently 4% of existing Verizon customers will swap their current device for the iPhone.

Judging by the figures one could say that Verizon is going to do rather well with their version of the iPhone while AT&T may see disastrous waves of customers defecting to the rival carrier, which to be honest, they only have themselves to blame.

Although the figures poll were only a small 4050 people so doesn’t really give a real fell for just how many will defect from AT&T to go with Verizon. So how about our readership, will you dump AT&T for the Verizon iPhone and if so what is your main reason for doing so?


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  1. J Snowden says:

    There is wide speculation about the Verizon iPhone and what it will mean to At&t subscribers. Here is a thought there is the fantasy Verizon iPhone and the reality Verizon iPhone.

    Right now, the Verizon iPhone is a fantasy. Until it is out and actually used, people will attribute to it all manner of wishful thinking. They will believe it to be significantly better based mostly on hopeful feelings. When people actually have one in their hands and they discover that it isn’t all they expected, don’t be surprised AT&T fares better than predicted.

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