Android Google Translate App Gains Conversation Mode: Video

There’s a new update for Google Translate on Android which delivers several changes and one of particular interest that enables the user to talk normally into the smartphone and the updated app will translate the users words instantaneously.

According to an article over on Gaj-it by way of the Boy Genius Report and the official Google Blog, when the user speaks the new application will translate the words and using text-to-speech software speaks them aloud on the receiving device.

Apparently the software is still in the experimental stage and is called “Conversation Mode” and only works in Spanish at the moment but there is a version in German in the works, and no doubt other languages will follow at a future date.

The new updated Google Translate App is available to download from the Android Market to devices running Android 2.1 and up and is a free download

And just so you know what this is all about we have a couple of video demos for your viewing pleasure , the first is of the Google Guys demoing the feature a few months ago while the second is the Google Translate “Conversation Mode” in action supplied by YouTube user Abcmsaj…enjoy.

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