Shazam and Spotify Join for Android and iOS

For Android and iOS music app users there’s a new player in town, well not actually new, but a joining of song identifier Shazam and music streaming service Spotify, which means Spotify will be integrated into Shazam apps for iOS and Android.

According to an article over on Tech Watch by Darren Allan, the new feature which is available in Shazam premium apps right now enables the user to click on a song they have discovered or tagged and then listen to that song on Spotify.

The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek has said… “Shazam is a very innovative company in the mobile space, having achieved a massive following around the world and we’re excited about the potential of this partnership for new music discovery through Spotify.”

The new feature is called “Play in Spotify” and will also be coming to Shazam’s free app version on the iPhone, Apple iPad and Android devices in the next few months.

Slash Gear has the full Shazam PR for your reading pleasure if you require which says the new capability allows “full playback of tracks via a fully-integrated experience on both the free and premium Shazam Encore Apps on Android and Apple’s iOS — including (SHAZAM) RED.”

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