BlackBerry PlayBook Can Tether with BlackBerry Smartphones

For those of you who may be waiting patiently to snack up the new RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet once it hit the streets and have been wondering if you will be able to tether your BlackBerry handset with the device, apparently you can.

According to an article over on The Inquirer Research In Motion has revealed that the soon to be released BlackBerry PlayBook will be able to wirelessly tether with BlackBerry smartphones.

Users of the new Blackberry PlayBook that own a BlackBerry handset connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server will be able to tether via Bluetooth, which could be seen as a rather shrewd move by RIM.

The reason being RIM is giving businesses the ability to save cash by purchasing a WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook which will have the ability to be used alongside their BlackBerry smartphone which may already be being uses by employees.

So there you have it, you now know that when you purchase your BlackBerry PlayBook you’ll be able to get it to play nice with your BlackBerry smartphone.

During CES 2011 Research In Motion demonstrated the new BlackBerry PlayBook in action and we have that video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Spectrummag, so head on down and check it out…enjoy.


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  1. Amit says:

    I think there should be blackberry messenger facility in bb tablet it would fetch more sale then IPad if there is such facility I m ready 2 buy this bb tablet

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