Apple iPad 2 Carrier Deals Available?

We are all aware that the Apple iPad 2 isn’t available yet, however it appears that doesn’t stop some websites from touting Apple iPad 2 deals even though there aren’t any available as yet.

According to website Free Contract Mobile Phone, “Available in mobile market with various ipad 2 deals on all networks such as O2, Orange, Three, T-mobile, Virgin and Vodafone.” Really? News to me.

Having checked a couple of the above carrier websites there are no “iPad 2 deals” currently available so basically the website is offering false info to potential customers as no one knows which carrier will offer the Apple iPad 2 or when.

Furthermore it appears to me that they are also somewhat confused over what device they are speaking about as they make mention of “Smart and sleek handset with Touchscreen LCD display of 9.7 inch to give you better viewing experience.” Handset? Surely they mean tablet?

The thing is its all well and good delivering rumoured specs and stuff to the public but saying that iPad 2 deals are available on all networks even when it’s obviously there isn’t due to the Apple iPad 2 not even being announced yet is pushing things a tad to far and quite misleading for the public.

Unless of course I am wrong and anyone can come up with an Apple iPad 2 deal on any carrier which is available as of right now and if so feel free to let us know about it by posting a link to our comments area below.


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