Apple iPad 2 Display Could This Be It?

It seems the rumours over the Apple iPad 2 are hitting the net waves hard and fast these days, although one does have to say they are all just speculation at this point, thus this latest one should also be taken with a pinch of salt.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by way of MacRumours, the firm who published an iPhone 5 video and quickly removed it, GlobalDirectParts, you can view that removed video right (here), has now apparently published an image of what they are saying is the “iPad 2 LCD Screen” along with an image of the “iPad Vibrating Motor.”

The image of the supposed “iPad 2 LD Screen” is above so could it really be the Apple iPad 2 display? Although the 9to5 Mac guys state the Apple iPad doesn’t have a vibrating motor soit makes one wonder if the images are false.

They even have some pricing for the supposed new screen, which is currently out of stock but commands a price tag of $218.19, which when you consider the original Apple iPad screen cost $144.99 back in June but now costs $63.35 it makes one wonder at such a high price the Apple iPad 2 offers something quite special.

Of course it’s all simple speculation, but what are our readers views on this supposed Apple iPad 2 screen, do you think it is genuine or not?

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