Asus Android App Store: No Honeycomb No Entry

Should Apple step up its game a little bit? The reason we say this is because Android is doing everything in its power to be the number one in apps, so much so Asus are planning on releasing its very own Android App Store.

Asus have been busy of late especially at CES 2011 when they revealed a few Android tablets aka EEE transformer, 7-inch Memo and EEE Slider and now with plans of its own app store is great news for Asus users.

The above tablets were supposed to be released with Honeycomb OS but the latest news via TechWatch suggests they may ship with Gingerbread Android 2.3.

To get into the official Android App Market by Google tablets will have to run hybrid phone capabilities or run Honeycomb operating system, if you do not have these then you will not be allowed access.

This is where Asus steps in; if they have their own app store then all of its tablet customers will be allowed access. Good move if you ask us especially if they wish to keep up with the likes of Apple and its app store.

It looks like Toshiba will follow the Asus ship and also open its own app store, ITProPortal say that the Motorola Xoom is already out in the open and was released with Android Honeycomb so why wouldn’t Asus have access to operating system already. Is this the time when Android will become the successor in the app world?

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