iPad 2 and iPhone 5 or Motorola Atrix and Xoom?

We would like to know about you and what you want or should we say what you prefer, today we will talk a little bit about the Apple iPad 2, iPhone 5 and the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Motorola Xoom.

Yes two smartphones and two tablets, our readership is important to us and we would love to get to know you a little more in what choices you make. In a nutshell do you prefer the Motorola offerings or Apple?

Obviously there is not a lot to go on in the way of specs on the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 of yet seeing as these devices have not yet been announced but we know they will be better than the current iPad and iPhone 4, obviously we will keep you posted about these devices.

We can give you a few rumoured specs for the iPad 2 via TFTS, some of these specs include: A5 processor, multi-core Cortex A9 chip, dual-mode GSM/CDMA Qualcomm chipset, built-in SD slot, same 9.7-inch display but possibly this time with Retina display, front and rear cameras, no USB slot, dual-core processor with possible 1080p playback and we could throw in that it may come with both dual CDMA/GSM chipset.

The iPhone rumoured specifications according to Windows 7 News and Info will possibly be: larger 3.7-inch screen, 1.2GHz processor, and internal antenna. We are not too sure what other features this Apple smartphone will have but there is the chance of a whole new design change.

Moving onto the Motorola devices now and we know a little more about these because they are real right now, we held a poll asking readers if they preferred the Motorola Droid Bionic or the Motorola Atrix 4G and it was the Bionic that came out on top with (73.0%, 833 Votes) with the Atrix coming in at (26.0%, 293 Votes), but yet still more people are searching for news on the Atrix rather than the Bionic according to trends.

The Motorola Atrix 4G features include: NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash and 720p video capture, HTML and Flash unlike the iPhone with its not having flash views, front facing camera, mobile hotpsot, 4-inch qHD display, microSD expansion up to 32GB, Bluetooth, DNLA, WiFi, HDMI, Android 2.2 Froyo, A-GPS, 3.5mm jack, 16GB storage and much more.

The Motorola Xoom tablet PC is the new kid on the block and many tablet lovers seems to love this one with features including: Dual core processor offering 2GHz of processing power, WILL be upgradable to 4G LTE in the future, video in 720p HD, HDMI output, Supports 1080p HD video, Adobe Flash Player, rear-facing 5-megapixel camera, front-facing 2-megapixel camera, video chat over 3G/4G LTE or Wi-Fi, 1280×800 display, built-in gyroscope, e-compass, accelerometer, adaptive lighting, barometer, Exchange email and Gmail and much more.

We will not bang out all the specs about the above devices as you have probably read about them all anyway, well other than the Apple devices because specs on them are scarce.

We would love to hear from our readers if you would prefer to have the Apple smartphone and tablet or the Motorola smartphone or tablet, these are four devices and we wish to know what phone and what tablet would you choose. Thanks


7 thoughts on “iPad 2 and iPhone 5 or Motorola Atrix and Xoom?”

  1. eecsflyer says:

    Unless iPhone 5 has flash support, Atrix without a doubt. I have an iPhone 3GS now and one of the only semi-regular frustrations I have is not being able to view certain web pages due to lack of flash support. A-GPS is also a nice bonus…

  2. After Forever says:

    Excellent topic you bring to the table and one I am very much interested and hearing everyone’s point of view. I am not really interested in a tablet.
    It just so happens that after many years of use a once great product, I am ready to drop kick Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Especially after seeing what Microsoft brought to the table is its latest attempt at producing a new phone. The missed opportunities MS had along the road are very disappointing. Anyway:
    I need help in making an educated discussion on the path forward and the iPhone 5 and the Atrix are the two phones I am considering. I totally despise the whole iTune concept but then the iOS has a lot to offer in the way of applications and third parity gadgets. The Android OS has made great strides in the last couple of years and appears to be catching up to Apple. I am leaning towards Android operating system for the fact I will have the ability for an expansion slot and the freedom of how I connect with my desktop computer. However I am not a big Motorola fan. Bring on the discussion

    1. Zandar says:

      I use and love my Mac, and I found the iPad enjoyable, but I can't see how iOS wins in a head to head with Android. Android has the advantages of live widgets, live wallpaper, app sideloading (without voiding your warranty, mind), multiple keyboards (you can't know how great this is until you try it; I couldn't live on a mobile OS without Swype), better GV integration, drag and drop to a PC, file system access (apps can acccess your information easier, plus you can use your phone as a thumb drive), and Flash for good measure, among other things.

      iOS has the advantage of more apps, but when you compare 200,000 to 300,000, what's the real world difference? The iPhone has a nice screen, but it's just a high-res LCD ("retina display" is a marketing term only, not a technology). Both will have dual core A9 processors, front and rear cameras, etc. Oh, and the larger screen is a definite, real world plus over a slightly higher res screen. PPI is cool, but counts for nothing in usability when you're comparing a 3.5" screen to a 4" one.

  3. techguy#1 says:

    What is it with apple not having a flashplayer, PAY ADOBE WHAT EVER THEY WANT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. C'mon apple, you guys better make this happen or droid here I come. I am starting to fell like apple does not compete for my bisuness, actually i know they don't, after all the loyalty that I have shown.

    1. Nick says:

      Apple doesn't support Flash player because they don't want to adopt technology, they want to pioneer it. They were trying to force developers to use their code for web pages instead of adapting to the current standard. If they allowed flash from the get go, android would have never caught any ground.

  4. CJ says:

    Honestly I’m taking back the iPhone 4 I just got on upgrade and swapping it for the Atrix on launch day. No flash is something I just can’t get past. That along with the 4G and the Android operating system with it’s customization options should be more than worth it.

  5. Silver says:

    Flash isn't important. Really does anyone actually NEED it. Have you even seen the Atrix web browser. My 3GS walks all over it. Try a pinch zoom on some text (especially on any Flash page) and you'll see how choppy the Atrix is compared to the smooth zoom of the iPhone.

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