Should DMCA Make It Illegal To Jailbreak Apple iPhone?

It is the time of day where we ask you to vote if DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) should make it illegal to jailbreak Apple iPhone, it was DCMA that made it legal to jailbreak iPhones and now Apple wants things changed.

Wect via MacDailyNews says according to a report by NBC Apple would like jailbreaking smartphones that was made legal back in July changed back again to make it illegal saying at the time that if you jailbreak your iPhone it could make your warranty void, Apple was not happy about it then and they are still not happy about it now.

Apple would like the DMCA rules changed back to before July, Jailbreak’s are very hot indeed and many Apple iPhone users are implementing such jailbreaks to utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system.

Companies such as Microsoft like the fact about jailbreaking and so much so that they are in talks with jailbreakers about custom homebrew apps to the new Windows Phone 7 platform, Apple clearly are not in talks and will always stand firm in what they want.

Will Apple ever win this case? Personally it is unlikely. Please answer our poll below by clicking on the relevant field.

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