Samsung Vibrant 4G Launch Date with T-Mobile: True or False?

Samsung are making it big when it comes to Android smartphones and its Galaxy S device line up is very good indeed, this series has hit most major carriers across the globe.

The Samsung Vibrant has only been blessed with Android 2.1 operating system and is yet to get the Android 2.2 love it deserves, the latest news according to Mobile Whack reports that the new Samsung Vibrant 4G smartphone will be hitting T-Mobile stores February 23 if all goes according to plan.

If you head on over to TmoNews you will see a screenshot showing that this smartphone will launch Feb 23, obviously this is not official so please take this news lightly for now.

Of course we will be bringing you more news on the above, as soon as we know mark our words we will let you know.

In the meantime if you have anything you wish to say about the new Samsung Vibrant 4G please do so in the commenting area provided below. Do you think the above launch date is true or false?

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