Motorola T225 Device Passes FCC, Xoom Possibly?

It appears that over the weekend a mysterious Motorola device passed the FCC sporting the model number T225, but no one is all that sure on what device it could be although the rumour is it could possibly be the Motorola Xoom.

According to an article over on Mobile Whack by way of Phandroid, the image in the FCC filing doesn;’t actually offer up any specifics on what the Motorola T225 is, however, the rumour doing the rounds it that the “T” may stand for either Tegra 2 processor or perhaps tablet.

So just going by unconfirmed rumour the speculation is that the Motorola T225 could well be the Tegra 2 Android Honeycomb Motorola Xoom tablet , and all based on just that “T”.

So the thing is could the T225 actually be the Motorola Xoom, or could it be another Motorola tablet or perhaps even a new Motorola smartphone? What do our readers thing the Motorola T225 could be?

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