Facebook Phone Number and Address Deletion Guide

Apparently Facebook has been tampering with their privacy policy yet again thus allowing 3rd-party app developers to gain access to users phone numbers and street address, although fortunately it is an “opt-in” feature.

According to an article over on Cnet by Larry Magid, said info was made public by Facebook on the Facebook Developer Blog Friday night and although it is an opt-in feature there’s a catch as every time a user installs an application they are asked to allow “basic information” access which includes the users “current address and mobile phone number.”

Many Facebook user simply lick to allow apps without realising the implications of doing so and perhaps you simply don’t want developers having access to your street address and mobile phone number, so Cnet has come up with a guide on how to delete that info.

The deletion guide is fairly straightforward all you need to do is login to your Facebook account and click on Home in the right hand corner and then click on “Edit My Profile” and then click on “Contact Information” remove your address and mobile phone number, leave the fields blank and the job is done.

Personally with my Facebook account I never enter that personal information anyway, but no doubt there are some that have, so now if you follow the direction you can remove that information from your Facebook account.

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