Facebook in India Gains Voice Updates via Aircel

Got Facebook? Live in India? Hate typing via mobile phone to update your status? Well these three questions can simply be answered thanks to Aircel offering ‘Voice Updates’.

That’s right Aircel is now offering updates for Facebook and instead of typing status messages via your mobile device Aircel subscribers can use ‘voice updates’ for their Facebook status by simply calling 51555.

Will this give us speech to text translation? In simple terms “NO”, to many accents in this world would just confuse matters so instead the end result would be and audio recording on your Facebook wall. Your friends will visit your wall and then click the message to hear it.

This will probably work well in India considering Facebook is nowhere as big as U.S or UK, but we have to ask the question if it will possibly come to U.S or UK?

Please let us know if you would like the new voice updates feature on your Facebook account, your comments are important to us so please scroll down below and send us yours.

Source – NDTV.com via TechTree

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