Verizon iPhone Not Offered By Best Buy at Outset

If you are expecting to be able to walk into your local Best Buy next month and snap up the long awaiting Verizon iPhone it appears you may be in for a disappointing visit and a waste of your time.

The reason is according to an article over on Phone Arena and by way of the Boy Genius Report and Gear Live, Best Buy has decided against offering the CDMA iPhone at the outset.

So just why would Best Buy not want to get in on selling the long awaited Verizon iPhone? Well apparently Best Buy training material handed out to employees happened to cover Verizon data speeds, passages that apparently Best Buy had pinched from a BGR article.

Here’s the passage…”Verizon’s entire presence at CES last week was focused on one thing and one thing alone: 4G. Its LTE network is now live in 38 markets and a flurry of 4G phones will launch in the coming months. But the iPhone… the smartphone millions of Verizon Wireless subscribers have been dying for… is a 3G device.

We knew Verizon’s iPhone 4 would be a CDMA phone for a number of reasons, but 3G is so 2010. Sprint launched its first 4G phone with minimal WiMAX coverage and it ended up being the fastest-selling phone in the carrier’s history. Now, we won’t see a 4G iPhone from Verizon until 2012. That means while millions of Android phones are surfing Verizon’s 4G airwaves later this year, iPhones will still be puttering along at EVDO speeds.”

Which basically means that as there are numerous smartphones about to hit the mobile space that can play nice on 4G network, and the fact that the Verizon iPhone will be confined to surfing 3G, Best Buy think this fact may well hold back sales of the device.

So what do our readers think on this matter, will the Verizon iPhone suffer from not being able to use the Big Red 4G LTE network or do you think the CDMA iPhone will still sell well regardless, and that being able to play nice on 4G isn’t that important at the moment?


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  1. If 4G was actually available in my area anytime in the next two years I may well consider a Droid Bionic, but as that doesn't seem to be the case, I will be in line for an iPhone. Everyone seems to want to compare these 4G phones to the iPhone, but that's an apples and oranges situation.

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