iPhone Hacker Geohot To Build For Windows Phone 7?

As you are probably aware, Apple doesn’t much like iPhone hacker George Hotz AKA Geohot due to the guy constantly jailbreaking Apple’s tech, but maybe Microsoft isn’t against having homebrew stuff on Windows Phone 7.

According to an article over on Redmond Pie, Geohot has apparently posted a message to his website which says “I’m going to buy a Windows 7 phone.”

So is Geohot turning away from the iOS platform and moving to Windows Phone 7? It’s not clear at present, but it appears Microsoft wouldn’t be against Geohot building stuff for their platform.

Apparently the Director of Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson used his Twitter account to send an open message to Geohot which said…”#geohot if you want to build cool stuff on#wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone – let dev creativity flourish #wp7dev”

Thus it would seem that Microsoft would be all too willing to have Geohot come aboard and build “cool stuff” for the Windows Phone 7 platform; more on this if and when we hear.

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