BlackBerry Ban Averted In Indonesia

No doubt you have heard that Research In Motion BlackBerry devices were facing a ban threat in Indonesia unless RIM blocked porn site access on the smartphones, you can refesh your memory on that by hitting up (here).

Well according to an article over on Bloomberg, the BlackBerry maker has capitulated and has begun halting access to porn related content on BlackBerry devices in Indonesia after the government threatened RIM with revoking their license.

The Indonesian government demanded Research In Motion filter porn content access otherwise they would revoke their licence and thus jeopardise their position in the growing market which gets RIM in excess of $250 million a year.

Conservative Muslim minister, Tifatul Sembiring, who headed the call for filtering of BlackBerry smartphones posted to his Twitter account…“Thank God. Pornography has started to be blocked. Please go ahead doing business, as long as laws are abided with.”

Apparently RIM agreed to the removal of all porn related content by Friday, and apparently Playboy is amongst several websites that have been blocked.

So I wonder why it is these governments have a downer on BlackBerry handsets access such websites and not other smartphone manufacturers as I’m sure there are other mobile devices that can and do still access porn related content, or perhaps BlackBerry is the only option in these countries.


One thought on “BlackBerry Ban Averted In Indonesia”

  1. Just be honest, blocking the porn from the BB is not the best way to filter the porn that actually the most problem of this country. If they need to filter it, the minister needs also to do such thing from the other internet gate,,,such PC internet, phone, and many more

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