Wind Mobile Canada Consumer Protection & Early Contract Termination Fees

Wind Mobile Canada are looking at making life for the consumer better and so much so they would like the federal and provincial governments to act upon giving customers consumer protection and reducing early contract termination fees.

According to The Globe and Mail Wind Mobile has now filed for a submission to the Manitoba government’s public consultation paper, which would like an improvement on consumer protection for mobile phone and wireless contracts in that province.

Legislation that limits cancellation fees in Quebec stops firms from renewing contracts automatically, looking at some statistics a study saying that someone in Canada wishing to cancel their Apple iPhone contract after a six month period would pay something like twice back as much as a customer in America, AT&T customers would pay something like $256.

Looking at the stats above a Rogers Wireless or Telus customer would have to pay between $500 and $600 if they wanted to cancel their contracts.

Please do read the full news via The Globe and Mail by visiting the link above, please let us know what you think on the above news.


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  1. Bestmyst says:

    I wanted to cancel my contract with Bell. The high pressure sales man talked me into a phone that I did not need it is too much for me. I am a senior and never text or browse the enternet. But I can’t cancel because it would cost me over $400.00. I only asked for a cell phone that would e-mail so I could keep in touch with my hubby who is deaf.Instead I am stuck with a big bill every month for someting I don’t use.

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