iOS 4.3b1 Multitasking Gestures on iPhone: Video

Yes folks for all you iOS faithful out there we have a little video footage to feed your iOS hunger today in the form of iOS 4.3b1 playing nice on the iPhone and showing of its multitasking gestures feature.

The iOS 4.3b1 multitasking gestures video demo comes our way courtesy of Zach Epstein, over at the Boy Genius Report and by way of Engadget and via the YouTube page of Antoninygaard which delivers a two minute look at the gestures on the iPhone.

There’s also a look at lock/mute toggle switch as well but as it’s been stated these things are only for testing purposes so won’t be coming to the Apple iPad or it would seem the iPhone, so why put them out for test?

Anyway you can check out all the goings on and see what it is you are exactly going to be missing out on by heading down below and mashing the play button…enjoy.

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