Samsung Vibrant Upgrade Soon But No iPhone Confirms T-Mobile

If you happen to be a T-Mobile Vibrant smartphone owner who has been patiently waiting for Samsung and T-Mobile to get their collective fingers out and deliver that Android 2.2 Froyo software update, things may be looking up.

According to an article over on PC Mag by Sascha Segan, T-Mobile execs have confirmed a software upgrade for the Samsung Vibrant is “coming soon,” now just how soon that may be is anyone’s guess, but apparently T-Mobile is working with supplier to achieve such.

Apparently there is a problem with getting T-Mobile WiFi calling sorted which is one of the reasons for the ongoing delay, so Cole Brodman, CMO of T-Mobile US wouldn’t be specific on a date for the Android OS upgrade.

Now, if you were hoping T-Mobile would be blessed with the presence of the iPhone, well it appears you’re right out of luck because apparently the iPhone hardware stops T-Mobile USA from offering the iconic device.

Philipp Humm, CEO of T-Mobile USA has said that their 1700MHz 3G spectrum is a major obstacle to offering the iPhone and although T-Mobile would be open to offering the device the iPHone doesn’t support their spectrum, so no iPhone coming to T-Mobile.

Apparently though at the same meeting T-Mobile also confirmed the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S 4G handsets which one presumes is the Samsung Vibrant 4G.

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