New Tough Dragontrail Smartphone and Tablet Glass Coming: Video

It appears that a Japanese company is attempting to give Gorilla Glass a run for it money in the toughness stakes as apparently Asahi Glass of Japan has unveiled a new tough glass for use on smartphones and tablets.

The new glass is called Dragontrail and is apparently six times stronger than your standard soda-lime glass and apparently the Dragontrail glass bends but doesn’t break under 60kgs of weight.

And of course we have some video fottage of the Dragontrail glass being put through the paces courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Engadget and Yahoo News! Which lasts one and a half minutes to test torture.

Apparently the Japanese firm has been working on Dragontrail glass for a couple of years and has apparently already supplied some customers.

So there you have it there’s a new toughened glass in town and it wants a piece of the smartphone and tablet game, so nip on down, mash that play button and check out just how tough this new Dragontrail glass can be…enjoy.

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