White iPhone 4: Will it Release 27th Feb?

Now that the mythical beast that was the Verizon iPhone has been confirmed it appears that another device of mythical proportions is gaining a lot of rumour coverage, of course I am talking about the white iPhone 4.

The latest in the rumours concerning Apple’s white elephant comes from iPhone Download Blog who say that MacRumors is reporting that the white iPhone 4 may well see release in February as apparently the Best Buy inventory is showing a 16GB and 32GB iPhone, both white versions with a release date of the 27th of Feb 2011.

Of course it could be a mistake, but of late there seems to be quite a few of these inventories showing up with the white iPhone 4 such as (here) and (here), so there is a possibility that Apple has finally overcome the issues with the device.

But is it too late for the white iPhone 4? If Apple were to deliver the white iPhone 4 would you still be interested in picking up the handset when in a few months time the iPhone 5 is expected to arrive?


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