Verizon iPhone: First TV Commercial: Video

Yes folks it’s the one TV advert most have been waiting years to see and now that time has come it’s kind of disappointing when you consider the amount of hype that’s gone into getting the until now mythical beast know as the Verizon iPhone to become a reality.

The first TV commercial for the Verizon iPhone comes our way courtesy of Dusan Belic over at Intomobile and by way of the Verizon Wireless YouTube page of course and last the usual 30 seconds.

Not a great deal to say about Verizon’s attempt to promote the very iPhone that has had a multitude of people wishing to get their mitts on for several years, as it’s a bit of a let down and should have been done much better.

Verizon put it as…“To our millions of customers, who never stopped believing this day would come…” and the video is basically all about clock watching, waiting for that special moment when you can grab the CDMA iPhone on the Big Red.

That’s it, head on down, mash that play button and check out Verizon’s first iPhone 4 advert and feel free to let us know what you think…enjoy.

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