Apple iPad or Smartphone Preferred Over Bikes By Kids

Kids; today’s kids always expect the latest designer clothing, the top toy or the latest and best tech gadget, and it appears that the humble bike has now taken second place to such things as the Apple iPad and smartphone when it comes to what they want.

According to an article over on Sify, a new study conducted by AVG Technologies apparently reveals that kids prefer to learn how to operate a computer over learning to swim or ride a bike.

The survey took in 2200 women and apparently shows that 21% of kids aged four to five knew how to tie their shoelaces while 21% actually knew how to use an Apple iPad application and a smartphone.

AVG CEO J.R. Smith apparently said…“Children’s behaviour has changed, and that’s mainly because the way we use the technology is so different. It changes everything.”

When it comes to kids between two and five, 58% could play a computer game, 69% can use a computer mouse, while 52% could ride a bike. Also 25% could open a browser while just 20% could swim.

So basically it looks like kids are keeping up with the times and forgoing the more traditional skills such as riding a bike and swimming and preferring to surf the web or use a mobile phone.

Personally all my kids have grown up so I wouldn’t really be up of kids trends these days, but what about our readers, do your children prefer to use a tech gadget such as the Apple iPad, or perhaps they wanted the iPhone or some other smartphone for Christmas. Or do your children still prefer to do such stuff as going swimming or riding that bike?

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