Verizon iPhone More Expensive Than AT&T Off Contract

So once the long coming Verizon iPhone finally becomes available on the Big Red will you want to grab it on contract or off contract, as it would appear that if you wish to go the off contract route for your Verizon iPhone you’ll end up paying more than if you were to purchase from AT&T.

Apparently the guys over at 9to5 Mac have discovered that if you check out Verizon’s frequently asked questions about the iPhone 4 and Apple’s iPhone purchase page where it shows the 16GB iPhone is $599 off contract from AT&T white the 32GB off contract costs $699.

However if you opt to purchase the CDMA iPhone off contract Verizon charges $649 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and $749 for the 32GB version, which means you pay $50 extra for the privilege of going with the Big Red.

The guys say they aren’t too sure why there is a 50-buck discrepancy and can only really put it down to the cost of the CDMA chip, which the Verizon iPhone uses.

So does this make any difference to people that were considering to grab the Verizon iPhone off contract? Or more importantly as the rumour has it the iPhone 5 may be both GSM and CDMA and also the Apple iPad 2 will carry both GSM and CDMA as reported (here) will this mean they will also be at least $50 more expensive than previous versions?

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