iPhone 4 Shoots Entire 30 Minute Movie: Videos

So can Apple’s darling device, the iPhone 4 match the movie shooting capabilities of the Nokia N8? It would appear it can as apparently the iPhone 4 has been used to shoot an entire 30 minute movie and we have the trailer of that movie for your viewing pleasure below.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of 9to5 Mac and Cinematical, the movie was shot entirely using the iPhone 4 and is called “Paramanjang” which is apparently Korean for “ups and downs” and was directed by South Korean director Park Chan-wook.

So what’s the film about? Paramanjang tells the story of a fisherman that discovers a body in the water and how he freaks out, along with the dead person’s life leading up to their death.

Park Chan-wook said…“From hunting for a film location, shooting auditions, to doing a documentary on the filming process, everything was shot with the iPhone 4. We went through all the same film-making processes except that the camera was small.” 

The movie trailer lasts just 30 seconds, however we also have a five minute video of behind the scenes action of Paramanjang, so head on down and mash those play buttons…enjoy.

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