Free 3G Microcell Offer Coming From AT&T

Looks like AT&T is feeling in a generous mood these days as apparently certain AT&T customers who experience poor network coverage may well receive a free of charge AT&T 3G Microcell to boost reception to those suffering customers.

According to a report by the Boy Genius Report by way of Engadget, the free Microcell offer will apply to pre-selected customers “identified as likely to experience poor in-building coverage at home or in small offices.”

Apparently the free Microcell along with the service stays free until the user decides to cancel their phone service within a year which would mean receiving an “equipment fee” of $199.99 minus $16.67 for each month of use.

Although apparently just the “top 7.5% of 3G wireless customers” who experience continued service problems will gain the free Microcell which is a femtocell that basically works as a local tower.

So any of our readers think they are one of the “top 7.5 percent” that should get a free AT&T Microcell? Feel free to voice your opinions to out comments area below. For those that may get the Microcell we have a set up guide video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of ShareATT.


3 thoughts on “Free 3G Microcell Offer Coming From AT&T”

  1. LeRoy Gilbertson says:

    The MicroCell is a joke. I purchased one when I could not ge service in my home. When I leave my home and return I have turn off my phone and turn it back on again to receive a signal from the MicroCell.
    That, coupled with the fact AT&T has poor coverage in general makes it the worst cell phone company in the world.
    When I call technical support for MicroCell I get the run around.

  2. erik says:

    Sure enough, I will be picking up my microcell tomorrow at my local ATT corporate store.

    I just moved and have NO service where i live now (technical service still does not know why).

    I called the store and they were totally clueless however. I was told to bring in my paperwork and had TS put a note in my customer file. The stores are the only places you can seemingly get them and their attitude was "we'll see what you have". – typical of my store experiences in the past with att.

    I will keep all updated on picking it up.

  3. William J. Houston says:

    Rec'd a letter for a free 3G Microcell. Drove 70 miles round trip to get unit. Activated online and set up unit per directions. Unit didn't work correctly. Called helpline, attempted option C per ATTs instructions. Unit didn't work. Wasted time, gas and effort to no avail. Wouldn't recommend messing with this useless gadget. If you want more bars, stand by a window!

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