Vodafone rebrands femtocell service and iPhone package price cut

Apparently according to an article over on itpro, Vodafone UK has now rebranded their femtocell service and have also chopped its price in an effort to boost customer appeal of Vodafone’s iPhone package. The Vodafone femtocell service will now be known as Sure Signal.

For those who don’t know, a femtocell is a small base station which links to an office or home broadband connection to deliver a guaranteed signal and creates a limited 3G network and thus basically removes the need for a mobile phone mast.

The device originally commanded a price tag of £160, and now Vodafone has chopped the price down to as low as £50 or just £5 per month over a year to contract holders who pay £25 a month or more. The Sure Signal system only supports Vodafone handsets though.

The iPhone is a data hungry handset and Vodafone may be looking to add attraction to potential iPhone customers by lowering the price of Sure Signal. Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK chief exec said that no other UK network can ensure a great mobile phone signal in the home because Sure Signal is unique to Vodafone.

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