AT&T and Verizon iPhone Side By Side Commercial: Video

For years Verizon and AT&T have been at constant war over who is the best carrier and who would ever believe we’d see both Verizon and AT&T side by side in the same iPhone commercial? Well it has finally happened as Apple has pushed out a new iPhone commercial.

The AT&T iPhone and Verizon iPhone commercial comes our way courtesy of James Isabel over at The Appera and by way of YouTube user Dale Mcbroom and lasts the usual 30 seconds in which we see both the AT&T and Verizon logos appearing with the tag line “Two is better than one.”

Other than that you can’t really tell the new CDMA iPhone apart from the GSM iPhone in the video as they both basically do the same thing, but this does have to be a first when it comes to Verizon Wireless and AT&T, and all done to Johann Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz.

We’ve already seen a Verizon iPhone commercial put out by the Big Red (here) and now one from Apple, so one wonders if AT&T will put out a new iPhone commercial of their own to hopefully combat the release of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network.

No doubt though once the Verizon iPhone releases both carriers will end up slagging off each other as to which offers the best iPhone…enjoy the video below.

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